A new collection in the e-shop

A new collection in the e-shop

Match your pace with Coqui, we have a lot of news for you. A brand new collection is waiting for you in the e-shop. Coqui is constantly growing and bringing entirely new models in addition to new colors and designs.

The new models

Try women’s sandals Coqui Bodee, this time in a decent two-tone finish with a solid and stable sole. The insole has ergonomic shape and massage projections. The shoes gently absorb shocks, relieve joints and lumbar part of the back. If you are on your feet for a long time during the day, Coqui Bodee shoes will lighten your step.

For men, we have prepared a new series of color sneakers Coqui Sira which have an original sporty design that attracts at first glance. It boasts a very low weight and excellent breathability provided by the combination of openings and airy lining. To each sneaker, you get an extra free pair of spare laces in another color, so you can choose the color variations according to your own liking.

We also think of your younger members of the family team. For them, we have included new children's sandals Coqui Froggy with a cute frog. This is a true innovation in Coqui brand development. They are made of the revolutionary antibacterial material CoquiAir reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria. They have a completely new sporty design with stripes on the sole. Your children will look like straight out of a fashion catalog in them. Patented tape keeps the baby shoe firmly on the foot, it’s soft, slightly elastic, easily putting on and not forming calluses.

More news

And this is just the beginning! There is still something to look forward to. Other models from the new collection in our e-shop will grow like mushrooms after rain. We will present them to you one by one over the coming months. In order to be closer to you, we gradually introduce the models also on our Facebook. There you can view all the news gradually. If you didn’t do so far, become our fan and join us so that you never miss a thing!

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